"Growth is incomplete without Education, Education is incomplete without Employment & Employment is incomplete without Skill development…"

About Us / Management Team

The ‘Society for Rural Employment & Empowerment’ (SREE) is a noble social forum to bring and integrate the strengths of the energetic young professionals, the wisdom of elderly veterans, the individuals with vision and creativity, the persons willing to commit themselves to a greater cause of the greater society, the persons imbibed with leadership ability, and the individuals with research propensity and quality-in-life predilection all determined to bring improvement in the earning capacity and lifestyle of the rural population of India.

It is said that INSPIRATION is not the sure outcome of any target effort, it vibrates without surety as the aromatic essence of a selfless wisdom which yields on maturation much after a laborious turmoil and long suffering is done. ‘SREE’ is formed by a group of similarly inspired persons, their source of inspiration are unique to them that form the first social capital which provides the very foundation to this social organization.

It is also said that individuals who are maturedly self-motivated are carried on well-perceived and designed GOALS impregnated in them, and, believably, clear goals carry all necessary accessories (discipline, dedication, commitment) well fitted to their carrier.

Persons membered with SREE are motivated by dint of their constant exposure and having commonly shared the governmental, corporate and social systems with inter-institutional problems and the associated confrontations and frustrating challenges that keep us waiting indefinitely in the hope of an improvised solution which should prove to be motivating, uncomplicated, socially acceptable, and cost-effective too.

The Management Team of SREE directs and endeavors toward solutions that are path-breaking, efficient, economic and shareable that should be able to redesign the convention, reschedule the preferences and priorities and also the present mindset. We firmly believe that it is only through a neo-spirit, a new design and a new convention, not by the unseen extensions of conventions, that a meaningful change can be brought into our social and institutional systems in order to achieve a sustainable rural transformation.

The members forming the Management Team who inspired and motivated and having adopted the objectives of SREE with their missionary zeal are the persons imbibed with social entrepreneurship and social engineering with the ability to visualize and articulate new approach to social-reengineering and problem-solving. The Management Team lives with a passion to make a constructive and a positive difference in Rural India with goals committed to bring in significant social, economic and ecological challenges.

We subscribe to the following principles in our policy, plan and implementation :

  • Employability Empowerment in local and rural population with skill-building by modular training programmes through positive team-work assisted by appropriate placements
  • Explore business opportunities keeping Human Resource as a backbone
  • Persistence and Innovation to capitalize opportunities where the potential is yet untapped